Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How the peacock got it's feathers: A Just-so story

How the peacock got it’s feathers
By Libbi H.
     Once upon a time, the peacock looked quite peculiar: bald, wrinkly and distorted, as a tall naked mole rat. He had no feathers nor did he have pride. Sadly, the peacock race had low self-esteem, which caused them to sulk all day. One anomalous afternoon, a peacock named Peter decided that his days of moping were over. He knew that in order to gain happiness he must first gain some kind of outward adornment. Peter searched for some kind of ornament throughout the minuscule farm where Peter abided. Since the only things he could find was wiry hay and sprinkled birdseed, he chose to expedition elsewhere. Once past the farm, he continued his journey until he reached the strange, eerie jungle. As he was walking through the first row of trees, Peter peacock fell into a grotesque pit of green goo: stagnant water, which sat undisturbed for decades. When Peter arose, he realized the glop had coated his previously pale skin. He scampered a few feet more, right into a palm tree. Twenty palm leaves fell down and stuck onto his gloppy rear-end; he tried pulling them off, but they would not budge. Peter began running away, trying to escape the dreadful rain forest. He slammed up against a tree, getting icky-sticky golden sap stuck to the ends of the palm branches, and many cerulean tree slugs also plummeted, and they landed right around the sap. When Peter had finally escaped the tyrannous jungle, he felt ashamed of his appearance.  However, Peter’s friends gawked at his exterior, and applauded his elegant “feathers”. By this time, Peter grew quite prideful, and began telling the other peacock where they could get exquisite feathers also. From that day forward, nearly all peacocks had emerald “feathers” on their bodies.


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  2. Haha that is so cute! Love the story ;) Great blog by the way!